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We strengthen seed-stage, market-creating, tech startups that do good.

We pilot seed-stage tech ventures for localized impact and growth.

We scale successful seed-stage tech pilots for profit-sustained impact.

No poverty

We invest in tech startups enabling direct cash transfers, connecting lenders with micro-entrepreneurs, or providing micro-loans and financial services to underserved individuals.

Zero hunger

We work with tech startups improving food production, reducing food wastage, and those providing small-holder farmers with access to information, finance, inputs, and markets.

Good health and wellbeing

We invest in startups that are working on telemedicine platforms, health monitoring devices, drug distribution systems, and innovative health solutions for the underserved.

Quality education

We work with startups that dare to use the C4IR to develop better curriculums, better teaching methods, and better student outcomes for the underserved.

Affordable and clean energy

We invest in startups with low-cost energy solutions for those with limited access to electricity, solar energy for the bottom of the pyramid, including pay-as-you-go. 

Decent work, digital economy

Focusing on the digital economy, we invest in startups providing access to digital skills, digital platforms, and digital entrepreneurship for the poor. 

Are you the startup we are looking for?

If you are a for-profit, tech, impact venture in Sub-Saharan Africa working on the above challenges, then we want to hear from you!
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